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We supply ready-made prefabricated elements, which are made at the company's production plant. We are an experienced manufacturer of a wide range of prestressed concrete T-beams and Kujan beams. We supply steel elements for tram infrastructure and equipment for bridges and viaducts.

We carry out every contract on time and according to the highest standards of quality.

Range of products

  • Prestressed concrete beams:
    • T12, T15, T18, T21 T24, T27
    • Kujan (old type)
    • Kujan NG
  • Fibre Reinforced Panels (PZW)
  • Scarp steps
  • Elements of tram infrastructure, such as roadbed beams, rails, etc.
  • Steel elements for bridges and viaducts, reinforcements, and moulds for the production of prefabricated elements, etc.

For more details, please contact the Auxiliary Production Department

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