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Solidarity Bridge

A cable-stayed bridge in Płock on the Vistula River, which is a part of the Jerzy Popiełuszko Route.

A2 Emilia-Stryków

Mosty Łódź constructed 19 bridge structures on the Emilia-Stryków section as part of the A-2 Motorway construction project. The work was performed from July 2004, and the structures were gradually commissioned to mid-2006.


Mosty Łódź carried out bridge work in project "Reconstruction of ul. Generała St. Maczka and Tysiąclecia PP along the section from ul. Generała St. Maczka to Białystok boundaries".

Third Millennium Bridge in Gdańsk

The project included the design and construction of the crossing over the Dead Vistula River on the Henryk Sucharski Route.

Bridge over the Vistula River in Puławy

The project of the bridge over the Vistula River in Puławy was an alternative to the old crossing on the Ignacy Mościcki Bridge. The bridge was built as part of the Puławy Bypass as its main engineering structure.

Bridge over the Oder River

Mosty Łódź as the General Contractor carried out the project: "Construction of the bridge over the Oder River along Voivodeship Road No. 323 in Ciechanów and Radoszyce"

Bridge in Wyszków

As a consortium partner in the construction of Wyszków Bypass, Mosty Łódź built, among others, the road bridge over the Bug River.

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