Structures on S69 Lalik II-Zwardoń - Mosty Łódź S.A.

Structures on S69 Lalik II-Zwardoń

As part of the project for the construction of Expressway S69, Mosty Łódź constructed 6 bridge structures along the section Laliki II – Zwardoń.

The work began in November 2007 and ended after a year, in November 2008. The following were constructed under the contract:
  • pedestrian underpass
  • two retaining walls
  • bridge over the Roztoka Creek
  • bridge over the Czarny Creek
  • bridge over the animal migration route

Project challenge: The work carried out in the valley of the Czarny Creek and the Roztoka Creek were obstructed by sudden increases in the water level.

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