Wyrzysk Bypass - Mosty Łódź S.A.

Wyrzysk Bypass

Wyrzysk Bypass is located on National Road No. 10. The project involved the construction of a single carriageway road with engineering structures. The work began in July 2008 and ended in early 2010. As a member of the consortium, Mosty Łódź constructed most of the engineering structures located on the bypass.

The work included the construction of:
  • four four-span viaducts
  • a single-span viaduct
  • an over 240-metre-long bridge over the Łobżonka River valley

Project challenge: An obstacle to constructing the bridge over the Łobżonka River was mainly a deep glacial valley (the difference in height is approx. 25 m in relation to the surrounding area). The area is also a part of Protected Landscape Area "Łobżonka Valley and Kujańske Forests".

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