Orientarium in Łódź

Orientarium in the Zoological Garden in Łódź. The investment is implemented in the design and build system.

The Widzew Stadium

New Łódź City Stadium. The project is implemented in the design-build system.

Solidarity Bridge

A cable-stayed bridge in Płock on the Vistula River, which is a part of the Jerzy Popiełuszko Route.

Tram to 'Fordon'

The construction of the tram line to the Fordon District with reconstruction of the road system along the following streets: Fordońska, Lewińskiego, Akademicka and Andersa, and the transport hub in the area of the railway station "Bydgoszcz Wschód" in Bydgoszcz.

Road Projects Trasa Górna

Project "Design and Construction of Trasa Górna along the section from the intersection of Al. Jana Pawła II – ul. Pabianicka to ul. Rzgowska in Łódź" was carried out for the Road and Transport Authority of the City of Łódź.

W-Z Route

Project "Modernization and Extension of the W-Z Route" began in March 2013 and was ordered by the City of Łódź. Mosty Łódź designed and built the WZ 3 carriageway and implemented carriages WZ 4 to 7.

Ogińskiego Street

A new dual carriageway road, in a large part running on a trestle, was constructed under the project.

A2 Emilia-Stryków

Mosty Łódź constructed 19 bridge structures on the Emilia-Stryków section as part of the A-2 Motorway construction project. The work was performed from July 2004, and the structures were gradually commissioned to mid-2006.


Mosty Łódź carried out bridge work in project "Reconstruction of ul. Generała St. Maczka and Tysiąclecia PP along the section from ul. Generała St. Maczka to Białystok boundaries".

Railway LCS Malbork

The project included: "Construction Works for Modernization of Line 9 along the section from km 236.920 to km 287.700 in the area of the Local Control Centre based in Malbork."

Third Millennium Bridge in Gdańsk

The project included the design and construction of the crossing over the Dead Vistula River on the Henryk Sucharski Route.

Bridge over the Vistula River in Puławy

The project of the bridge over the Vistula River in Puławy was an alternative to the old crossing on the Ignacy Mościcki Bridge. The bridge was built as part of the Puławy Bypass as its main engineering structure.

Bridge over the Oder River

Mosty Łódź as the General Contractor carried out the project: "Construction of the bridge over the Oder River along Voivodeship Road No. 323 in Ciechanów and Radoszyce"

Bridge in Wyszków

As a consortium partner in the construction of Wyszków Bypass, Mosty Łódź built, among others, the road bridge over the Bug River.

Bridge in Zarzecze

The bridge is located on National Road No. 19. The contract was signed for the reconstruction of a permanent bridge over the San River, including construction and removal of a bypass. Mosty Łódź carried out the project as a consortium leader.

Bridge in Połaniec

The bridge was built under the following project: "Removal of Barriers to Development – the Bridge over the Vistula River with the Extension of Voivodeship Road No. 764 and Connection to Voivodeship Road No. 875."

Bridge in Strzyżów

The bridge is located on Voivodeship Road No. 989 Strzyżów-Lutcza.

Bridge in Rzeszów

The Castle Bridge on the Wisłok River lies on the Trasa Zamkowa in Rzeszów.

Structures on Road 61 Zegrze-Serock

As part of the extension of National Road No. 61, Mosty Łódź constructed two engineering structures located at the road between Zegrze and Serock.

Structures on the Bielsko-Biała Bypass

As a consortium partner, Mosty Łódź performed bridge work.

Structures on Radom Bypass

As a consortium partner, Mosty Łódź constructed the engineering structures on the southern Radom Bypass.

Structures on the Stryków Bypass

Mosty Łódź was the contractor of bridge work as part of the Stryków Bypass construction project.

Structures on S8 - Sieradz

As a consortium partner, Mosty Łódź performed bridge work.

Garwolin Bypass

Mosty Łódź as a consortium partner constructed bridge structures as part of the project.

Grójec Bypass

The Grójec Bypass project included the upgrade of the existing national road to the expressway parameters.

Wyrzysk Bypass

The project involved the construction of a single carriageway road with engineering structures.

Reconstruction of the bridge in Radymno

The original bridge was built in 1911. In 2002, Mosty Łódź performed its reconstruction.

Repair of the Fordon Bridge

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) Branch in Bydgoszcz commissioned the repair of the bridge over the Vistula River in the Fordon District in Bydgoszcz.

Starzyński Roundabout in Warsaw

The project included the construction of two viaducts on ul. Starzyńskiego in order to provide separated (over the roundabout) traffic from the Gdańsk Bridge towards Praga.

Structures on S69 Lalik II-Zwardoń

As part of the project for the construction of Expressway S69, Mosty Łódź constructed 6 bridge structures along the section Laliki II – Zwardoń.

Murckowska Interchange in Katowice

The project involved the construction of an interchange on A-4 Motorway. As a consortium leader, Mosty Łódź carried out part of the works, including the construction of viaducts and a footbridge.

Viaduct in Kutno

The project involved the removal of the existing viaduct and the construction of a new viaduct on National Road No. 92 over the Agroma siding in Kutno.

Bridge over the Wisłok River in Besko

As a member of the consortium, Mosty Łódź reconstructed the bridge over the Wisłok River in Besko. The structure is located on National Road No. 28 on section Zator-Medyka.

Engineering structures over National Road No. 1

Mosty Łódź constructed two viaducts under the project "Connection of National Road 1 to the northern part of Częstochowa – National Road 1 Interchange with ul. Makuszyńskiego".

Engineering structures on Droga ‎Łąkowa (Meadow Road) in Grudziądz

As a consortium partner, Mosty Łódź constructed the engineering structures as part of the project "Construction of Service Road DROGA ŁĄKOWA (MEADOW ROAD) in Grudziądz".

Engineering structures on Expressway No. 74

Mosty Łódź carried out bridge works under the project "Eastern Exit from Expressway S74 in Kielce".

Engineering structures on A-2 Motorway (Stryków-Konotopa)

The structures were built under the project "Construction A-2 Motorway Stryków-Konotopa Section from Stryków I Interchange (without Interchange)".

Engineering structures on Expressway S19

Mosty Łódź performed bridge works under the project "Construction of Expressway S-19 Section Stobierna – Rzeszów".

Bridge on the Bzura River in Strugienice

Mosty Łódź performed work related to the demolition of the old bridge and the construction of a new bridge over the Bzura River, including access roads to the structure.

Młodzianowska Street in Radom

As a consortium partner, Mosty Łódź S.A. carried out the project "Construction of the Interchange with Construction of ul. Młodzianowska along the section of Gdyńska Street Connected to the Southern Bypass in Radom".

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